Student Leader Alumni

Some of our student leader alumni shared how their involvement contributed to their professional endeavors. Their encouragement of the next wave of student leaders poised to make a difference in the lives of others, is immensely appreciated!

photo of Sarah Izabel

Sarah Izabel

Class of 2020
Biology and Psychology

Sarah's Story

photo of Jacob Parcell

Jacob Parcell

Class of 2019

Jacob's Story

photo of Destinee' Moragne

Destinee' Moragne

Class of 2018

Destinee's Story

Sameen Meshkin

Sameen Meshkin

Class of 2017

Sameen's Story

photo of Brendan Hood

Brendan Hood

Class of 2015

Brendan's Story

photo of Asif Bhavnagri

Asif Bhavnagri

Class of 2013
Political Science

Asif's Story

photo of Joshua Maye

Joshua Maye

Class of 2012
Political Science

Joshua's Story

photo of Deonte Young

Deonte Young

Class of 2011
Political Science

Deonte's Story

photo of Gabe Walker

Gabe Walker

Class of 2010

Gabe's Story

Headshot of Jon Ward

Jonathan Ward

Class of 2010
Political Science

Jonathan's Story

Headshot of Adam Uddin

Adam Uddin

Class of 2008
Public Relations &
Political Science

Adam's Story

Headshot of Eddie O'Leary

Eddie O'Leary

Class of 2006
Political Science

Eddie's Story