The DSA Assessment Office strives to provide needed support and resources for DSA staff to engage in assessment best practices that use evidence to demonstrate impact on student learning, and development, and improve organizational effectiveness. The office fulfills its mission by leading, educating, facilitating, and collaborating in institutional, divisional, and unit-level assessment practices. The office promotes a culture of evidence that fosters evidence-based decision-making, leads to continuous improvement, and serves as a central hub for disseminating assessment information and empowering the DSA community to practice intentional assessment activities that maximize student learning and support student success.

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  1. Promote intentional and effective assessment practices that foster data-driven decision making and continuous improvement
  2. Lead and facilitate assessment effort at the divisional and cross-units level
  3. Enhance a positive recognition of DSA assessment practices and continuous improvement effort through partnerships, outreach activities, and communication to all stakeholders


Yiyun Jie, Ph.D., Director of Assessment

Rachel Siefring, M.Ed., Assessment Specialist