Office of the Vice President

The central administration of the division serves as a resource for students, parents, faculty and staff who have problems or concerns regarding their interactions with each other and with the university, and assists in resolving issues or refers inquirers to the appropriate individual elsewhere in the institution. Students, parents and staff members who have issues they wish to discuss or who are interested in various programs and opportunities are encouraged to contact the Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

Mission, Vision, Values


Through our programs, services, and facilities, the Division of Student Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) champions holistic student development by fostering inclusive communities and providing dynamic, integrative learning experiences that prepare our students to be thoughtfully engaged contributors to the global community.


Educating all students to become innovative, courageous, and socially engaged leaders.


VCU Division of Student Affairs fosters a community committed to excellence by upholding values that promote student success, diversity, integrity, wellness and community.


We develop meaningful and collaborative relationships with others to positively impact student learning and engagement. We achieve this by encouraging staff in the division to become life-long learners by providing a variety of professional development activities.


We seek to empower all members of our community by providing inclusive environments, advocating for social justice, and fostering equity.


We uphold the highest ethical standards of honesty, openness, and transparency. We utilize assessment, data, and research to inform resource management, decision-making, and practices with an intentional focus on student learning and program sustainability.

Student Success

We contribute to the success, persistence, and employability of students by providing leadership in wellness, diversity, and experiential learning. We create innovative student-centered experiences and proactively respond to the diverse needs of our student body.


We promote the comprehensive holistic development of the physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational, financial, social, and spiritual health of our campus community members.

Strategic Plan

Our Full Strategic Plan (PDF) serves to engage the entire community in our division. We also have a Strategic Plan One Pager (PDF) abbreviated version available.

This plan serves to refine our mission, articulates our values, and establishes our divisional goals. We see this document as a living document that will be influenced by our work as we move forward as a division.

We are currently working on a tactical action plan to help authenticate and operationalize our strategic plan through our on-going programs, services, facilities, budget and human resource practices.

As always, please share your thoughts and reactions with us as we strive to support the success of our students and their holistic development.