Dean of Students Office

Mission Statement

The Dean of Students Office aims to help students chart a path toward success, overcoming barriers as they arise and ensuring that the proper support services are being utilized as needed.


The Dean of Students Office is available to advocate for and assist students dealing with life situations that are impacting their academic and personal success at VCU. We help students with complex problems navigate resources at VCU. Examples of life situations we can assist with:

  • Academic distress due to personal issues
  • Concerning behavior
  • Death or serious illness of a family member
  • Professor notification for unexpected class absence
  • Referrals to campus and community resources

In addition to advocating for individual students, the Dean of Students Office engages with student organizations, faculty/staff, and community partners to identify and address collective student concerns.

Financial Support

The Dean of Students office administers the VCU Student Emergency Fund and the Regalia Assistance Fund. This page is meant to serve as a central location for some financial support opportunities for VCU students.

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Ram Pantry

The mission of Ram Pantry is to ensure food security, human dignity and well-being on campus by providing in-need VCU students with food. We will do our part to ensure that no student in the VCU community goes hungry and that every student has access to nutritious food.

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Safety and Support

Balancing school and life is not always easy, especially when the unexpected happens. The Dean of Students office is here to help students who are struggling with academic, personal, or emotional difficulties or who may be exhibiting worrisome or other concerning behavior.

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