Tools for Academic Success

The ability of a student to succeed at Virginia Commonwealth University relies on many facets of a student’s life working in tandem with each other. The academic rigors of higher education, coupled with the aspects of co-curricular involvement and the multitude of other obligations, provide for a plethora of challenges and demands for each student.

Campus Learning Center

Offering tutoring, academic coaching and supplemental instruction sessions.

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Division for Academic Success

Offering disability and academic support services to students in the VCU Health Sciences schools.

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Student Code of Conduct

Under the terms of the Virginia Commonwealth University Student Code of Conduct, students are extended rights, but also assume many responsibilities. For a student to succeed at VCU, they must know and understand this policy and live within the parameters of the Student Code of Conduct and other university policies.

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Transfer Center

Providing transition resources, campus programs and academic support to ensure students thrive at VCU from admission to graduation.

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VCU Honor System

VCU recognizes that honesty, truth, and integrity are values central to its mission to advance knowledge and student success both in the world VCU students will enter, or return to, once they have graduated and in the university community as a microcosm of that world. Therefore, all members of the university community must conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards of academic honesty, ethics, and integrity at all times.

Read the Honor System and Standards of Academic Conduct Policy

Writing Center

Providing peer-based support to help VCU students become the strongest writers possible. Providing one-on-one consultations during the remote education period through online Zoom video meetings.

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