Title IX Not Anymore Training

VCU is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment free from sexual violence. For those who unfortunately have experienced sexual violence, VCU offers care and support and encourages them to seek this help as soon as possible; also, as time passes, important evidence may be lost. 

The VCU community can contact the VCU Police Department (which offers the You Have Options program), VCU Health System Forensic Nurse Services (through the Emergency Department), and for students, the University Counseling Services Advocacy ServicesStudent Health Services and University Counseling Services

Equity and Access Services serves as the Title IX office for VCU and coordinates the university’s response to reports. Students can explore, in a confidential setting, available options based on individual circumstances, by contacting Advocacy Services with University Counseling Services at MyOptions@vcu.edu.

Let's build a safer VCU

Thank you for participating in this important online educational program designed to help all of us build a safer community. VCU is committed to student success and providing a safe and healthy campus environment. In compliance with Title IX, VCU prohibits gender discrimination, including sexual misconduct.

We also recognize that there are students who have experienced forms of gender-based violence or harassment. You are not alone, and if you feel participating in this program would present a personal challenge, please contact University Counseling Services for an alternative activity designed to help you know how to get help if and when you need it. It is also important for everyone to know and understand VCU’s policy on Sexual Misconduct and Gender/Sex-Based Discrimination, so please consult that important document for more information.

If you are a full-time faculty or staff member at VCU, please notify us with your name, eID and V# at vpdsa@vcu.edu. You will be required to take faculty/staff Title IX training next semester and are exempt from this student training.

FAQs about Not Anymore Training