Return to Campus Student Information

Return to Campus training

Before returning to campus, you must complete the VCU Student Return to Campus training found in Blackboard

Why do I need to complete the training?

The primary goal of VCU in response to COVID-19 is to protect students, faculty, staff, patients and the general public. All students are required to complete this training so you have a better understanding of the steps being taken by the university to ensure your health and safety, as well as an understanding of your expected contributions to the health, safety and success of our VCU community. 

How do I access the training?

To access the training:

  • Login to Blackboard and search for the “Return to Campus” course.
  • You must complete the full course and pass the assessment with a minimum of an 80%.
  • Once you’ve clicked ‘yes’ to acknowledge the Health Attestation statements that come after the assessment, you must click on the yellow button stating, "Thank you for Completing Your Training," to finalize your training and receive a grade.
  • Your completion will not be recorded without completing this final step.
  • If you aren’t enrolled in the course, please email
I am a new student, when will I have access to the training?

New students will complete the training as part of Orientation in module nine.

I am a returning student, when will I have access to the training?

Training will be available for all returning students July 15.

I am a student worker, how does the process work for me?

Once a student worker has been approved to return to campus, this information will be shared with the Division of Student Affairs. Next, the Division of Student Affairs will send the student an email regarding the Return to Campus Training that must be completed prior to their return to campus.   

How will completion be monitored?

Completion of the training will be monitored via the Blackboard gradebook with follow up. If you have questions about access to the training or completion status, please email

Our students, faculty and staff share accountability to ensure the health of our community. We must be able to rely on one another to stay safe and well. We are One VCU and we share the responsibility for one another.

Daily health check

As you return to campus, you are also required to complete a brief daily health check. Per the One VCU: Responsible Together plan, this daily survey is required to monitor the health of the VCU community. It is essential that we make daily personal health monitoring a priority.

Access the check

A reminder email with a link to the health check will be sent daily to your VCU email account. Please be sure to make checking this account a daily habit as well. You can also access the check by visiting the Daily Health website.  

Completing the check

You are required to complete this daily. This includes the days you do not plan to come to campus, as well as if your courses are fully online.

Responding to the check

Your responses are not stored nor is the information you provide accessible to others. VCU only tracks if you did or did not respond. If you are experiencing technical issues with the survey, please email

Failure to complete the check

Not completing the daily check will result in follow-up and progressive disciplinary action.