Fall 2021 - Greek Life Workgroups Launched

Published on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

At the direction of the President, the Senior Vice Provost for Student Affairs launched a comprehensive review of Greek life at the university.  That review included internal assessments of the operations as well as an independent review by an outside consultant, Dyad Strategies LLC.  Many of Dyad’s recommendations were accepted by University leadership and are at various stages of implementation.  Other recommendations require further evaluation by workgroups established by the Senior Vice Provost. 

The following workgroups have been established to conduct more detailed analyses and to recommend any improvements to the Senior Vice Provost: 

Each of the workgroups should consider issues of diversity and inclusion during the course of their work.  Each workgroup will be led by a Co-Chairs, with other members selected from various constituent groups, including students, local alumni chapters, Greek councils, advisors, and the community. Each workgroup will be provided the general recommendations and climate survey information generated during the external review completed by Dyad.

The workgroups, through Co-Chairs, report directly to the Senior Vice Provost for Student Affairs. Regular meetings between the Senior Vice Provost and the Co-Chairs should be held to ensure any issues are resolved timely and that satisfactory progress is made. 

The workgroups are comprised of individuals who bring particular expertise and experience to the subject matter and areas of evaluation, and the university greatly values their contributions. However, the workgroup recommendations are advisory. University leadership is ultimately responsible for policies related to fraternity and sorority life. The Senior Vice Provost and his leadership team will evaluate workgroup recommendations and present a final report to the Provost and President. 

The majority of the workgroup efforts are expected to occur during August – December 2021. This period could be extended based upon each workgroup’s scope of responsibilities and  findings during the course of the work.


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