What Happens Next

Online reports of concern are forwarded to the appropriate university officials for follow up, depending on the nature of the concern. Please be aware that online reports may not receive an immediate response. In cases of emergency, contact VCU Police at 828-1234. Once the report is reviewed, you may be contacted for additional information. When possible and appropriate, you may be provided with an update on the situation. Information is shared on a need-to-know basis.

The university operates two interdisciplinary teams of university officials that assess, respond, and manage issues of concern involving students, faculty or staff. The Student Assistance & Support Team (SAS) primarily addresses students exhibiting behavioral or mental health concerns who do not pose a risk of harm to others. The Threat Assessment Team addresses high-risk concerns involving any member of the VCU community. It is not your responsibility to determine which team should address a concern or to provide assistance to the student that is beyond your scope of knowledge and ability. You simply need to submit the online report and it will be referred to the appropriate team.

Student Assistance & Support Team (SAS)

The Student Assistance & Support (SAS) Team serves the university and individual students by coordinating prevention, intervention, and support efforts to assist students involved in psychological distress, inappropriate behaviors and harm to self. The SAS Team provides a centralized mechanism to review concerns and address the needs of students through a variety of interventions, referrals and follow ups. The team is composed of key personnel from the Division of Student Affairs, University Counseling Services, University Student Health Services, the Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity, Residence Life & Housing, VCU Police and other units as deemed appropriate. The team meets weekly and is available to faculty, staff or students for case consultation to address significant student situations. Any information received is considered confidential and is limited in its dissemination on a need-to-know basis. Concerns should be submitted via the online report form or to vcudean@vcu.edu.

Threat Assessment Team (TAT)

Pursuant to the Code of Virginia Section § 23.1-805, the mission of the Threat Assessment Team (TAT) is to assess and respond accordingly to any threatening behaviors and dangerous incidents involving students, faculty or staff before escalation to violence. The team consists of representatives from VCU Police, Human Resources, University Counseling Services, Division of Student Affairs, University Counsel and other units as determined necessary. All emergency situations should be reported immediately to VCU Police at (804) 828-1234. Non-emergency concerns should be submitted via the online report form.