Safety and Support for VCU students, faculty, and staff

Emergency situations should be reported immediately to VCU Police at (804) 828-1234.

Student Safety

University life can be stressful for students as they balance academics with their lives outside of the classroom. If you are aware of someone in distress, or if you are in need of help, please use the reporting options on this site to let us know. The Dean of Students office can offer resources for assistance.

Share a Concern/Request Assistance

Other ways to contact the Dean of Students Office

Monroe Park Campus
(804) 828-8940 or
Sitterding House, 901 Floyd Avenue

MCV Campus
(804) 828-0525 or
Hunton Student Center, 1110 E. Broad Street, Suite 205

Looking for more information about support services?

VCU is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment free from sexual violence. For those who unfortunately have experienced sexual violence, VCU offers care and support and encourages them to seek this help as soon as possible; also, as time passes, important evidence may be lost. The VCU community can contact the VCU Police Department (which offers the You Have Options program), VCU Health System Forensic Nurse Services (through the Emergency Department), and for students, the University Counseling Center (for confidential advocates), Student Health Services and University Counseling ServicesEquity and Access Services serves as the Title IX office for VCU and coordinates the university‚Äôs response to reports. Students can explore, in a confidential setting, available options based on individual circumstances, by contacting Advocacy Services with University Counseling Services at