Communications Guidelines


Branding guidelines: The VCU Brand Standards Guide is available for VCU faculty, staff, or student use. Please read the guidelines before using any files.


Media Inquiries: Responses to media requests are managed by University Public Affairs and brought to the attention of the Division’s Coordinator of Communication and Marketing.  Staff should not be providing information, granting interviews or responding to questions without adhering to the procedures listed in the PDF.


Social Media Policy: The purpose of the VCU social media guidelines is to ensure proper portrayal, promotion and protection of the institution. These guidelines apply to all VCU affiliated social media accounts.


Style guide [PDF]: The VCU editorial style guide (page 70 of the PDF) ensures that all VCU websites and publications maintain consistency in nomenclature, capitalization, punctuation, and other grammar. The university’s website, alumni magazines and other materials for external audiences all follow the Associated Press, or AP, style.


Trademarks & Licensing: Ensuring proper usage of VCU’s name and symbols by monitoring the quality and consistency of all merchandise bearing VCU marks. All merchandise bearing one or more VCU marks must be produced by a licensed vendor. Order VCU merchandise, find a licensed vendor, access VCU’s protected marks or learn more about trademarks & licensing online.


Model Release: University and VCU Health subjects photographed or videotaped for promotional purposes must complete a model release or permission to record. In accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, patients may not participate in interviews, photographs or videos until they have completed the appropriate forms.

For the university community ‌
For patients that are adults
For patients that are minors