Avoid the Sophomore Slump

The second year of college can be very challenging for students. Classes become more difficult and sophomores may feel anxious about picking a career path. They feel pressured to find their place on campus and in the world. Many high-school friendships and long-distance relationships come to an end. 

Moving to a new residence hall or off-campus apartment changes their social environment and support structure. Sometimes it's hard to know what to say, but here is some advice you might consider giving your student:

  1. Talk to University Counseling Services if things get overwhelming.
  2. Meet with an academic advisor to help you figure out the best path for courses.
  3. Join a new club or organization and consider being in a leadership position.
  4. Try different classes and don't settle on a major that you haven't explored enough of yet.
  5. Go to the Writing Center or Campus Learning Center if school gets tough.
  6. Consider spending some time studying or doing research abroad.
  7. Visit the VCU Career Services to explore career paths and internship opportunities.
  8. Apply to become an Orientation Leader to learn more about VCU and connect with people.
  9. Create a plan to improve your well-being and stick to it.
  10. Connect with people—new friends, old friends, family, or faculty—it doesn't matter.
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