Free t-shirt!

How do I qualify?

Attend one program from each of the four categories to earn a free t-shirt.

Submit your points every week for each program you attend.

Once you reach four, you will be contacted to pick up your free t-shirt!

COW tshirt

Free lunch!

How do I win a free lunch?

Submit your points for every program you attend each week.

After you attend at least two programs from each of the four categories, you will qualify for the free lunch.

Check your email inbox for an invitation by early October.

Win prizes!

How do I win prizes?

Submit your points every time you attend a program each week.

When you attend two events from each category, for a total of 8 events, you will be invited to the lunch!

At the lunch you will receive one ticket for every program you attended. Tickets can be placed in the drawing to win one or more of the available prizes.

Check back soon for a full listing of prizes!