Become a Champion of Wellness!

During the fall semester, join Student Affairs in participating in wellness programs from the four categories of wellness: career, emotional, physical and social.

  1. Download the VCU Insider to view the calendar of events and keep track of your progress.
  2. Register as an individual or as a team to earn points.
  3. Attend events from Aug. 28 Oct. 9 to win prizes.
  4. Submit your points to win prizes!

The four categories of wellness are:

  • Career wellness involves making a positive impact through one’s job or chosen career by contributing to the organization and society while maintaining balance in one’s life. 
  • Emotional wellness involves developing coping strategies to maintain resilience when one is met with challenges, staying on top of responsibilities, reframing stressful situations as an opportunity to grow, acknowledging feelings, and asking for help from a counselor or trusted friend/family member.
  • Physical wellness involves exercise, nutrition, sleeping, managing stress, receiving preventive medical and dental care while avoiding unhealthy habits.
  • Social wellness involves relating to and connecting with others and building a strong social network where mutual support is given. This dimension also includes the development of positive, healthy relationships and communication skills among friends, family members, and coworkers.

The Division of Student Affairs supports students in becoming Champions of Wellness. It is important to have a balance of the mind, body, and spirit to lead a healthy life. Four categories that reflect a holistic view of wellness are career, emotional, physical and social. Please join Student Affairs in participating in various wellness programs from the four categories to become a Champion of Wellness.

If you have any questions about becoming Champions of Wellness, email