Virtual Programs for Summer 2020

Your favorite departments in Student Affairs have some exciting programs for you!

For more programs related to academic support and career advising, visit the Student Success Calendar!

Dean of Students

Helping students chart a path toward success, overcome barriers and ensure support services are being utilized.

University Student Commons and Activities

Enhancing the VCU community through facilities, programs, and services that support the holistic development of students, foster interpersonal and community relationships, and expand the ways students engage the world.

Health Promotion and Well-Being Center

Maximizes student success by fostering a healthy campus environment. The Well is the public health outreach branch of University Student Health Services.

Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

Building a sense of community through cultural appreciation.

Recreational Sports

Offering recreational, fitness and sports activities.

Student Accessibility and Educational Opportunity

SAEO serves students with documented disabilities who are registered for classes on the Monroe Park Campus.

University Counseling Sevrices

Creating an environment that fosters student growth, development, and psychological well being.