How Do You Do Happy?

So, positive psychology says that there are many paths to happiness, including living life with meaning, achieving a flow experience, and savoring pleasure. Just spending time doing things that you enjoy doing can have a huge impact on your mood. Pharrell recently reminded us that “happiness is the truth!” We hear you, Pharrell and we’re clapping along!

Here are a few ideas of ways to do happy. How do you do happy?

___ Talk to a friend on the telephone

___ Cook your favorite dish or meal

___ Go out and visit a friend

___ Cook a recipe that you’ve never tried before

___ Invite a friend to come to your home

___ Take a cooking class

___ Text message your friends

___ Go out for something to eat

___ Organize a party

___ Go outside and play with your pet

___ Exercise

___ Go borrow a friend’s dog and take it to the park

___ Lift weights

___ Give your pet a bath

___ Do yoga, tai chi, or pilates, or take classes to learn

___ Go outside and watch the birds and other animals

___ Stretch your muscles

___ Find something funny to do, like reading the

___ Eat your favorite ice cream

___Sunday comics

___ Go for a walk in a park or someplace else that’s peaceful

___ Visit fun Web sites and keep a list of them

___ Watch a funny movie (start collecting funny movies to watch when you’re feeling overwhelmed)

___ Go get a haircut

___ Sleep or take a nap

___ Go outside and watch the clouds

___ Go to the movies

___ Go jog

___ Watch television

___ Ride your bike

___ Listen to the radio

___ Go for a swim

___ Go to a sporting event, like a baseball game

___Go hiking

___ Play a game with a friend

___ Do something exciting like surfing, rock climbing, skiing, skydiving, motorcycle riding, or kayaking, or go learn how to do one of these things

___ Go online to chat

___ Play solitaire

___ Play video games

___ Visit your favorite Web sites

___ Go to your local playground and join a game being played or watch a game

___ Go shopping

___ Do a puzzle with a lot of pieces

___ Buy something on the internet

___ Sell something you don’t want on the internet

___ Go play something you can do by yourself if no one else is around, like basketball, bowling, handball, miniature golf, billiards, or hitting a tennis ball against the wall

___ Create your own Web site

___ Get out of your house, even if you just sit outside

___ Join an internet dating site

___ Post something on the internet

___ Get a massage

___ Go for a drive in your car or go for a ride on public transportation

___ Plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never

been before

___ Eat chocolate (it’s good for you!) or eat something else you really like

___ Go to a spa

___ Sign up for a class that excites you

___ Go to a library

___ Go to a bookstore and read

___ Read your favorite book, magazine or newspaper

___ Go to your favorite café for coffee or tea

___ Read a trashy celebrity magazine

___ Visit a museum or local art gallery

___ Write a letter to a friend or family member

___ Go to the mall or the park and watch other

___ Write things you like about yourself on paper

people; try to imagine what they’re thinking

___ Pray or meditate

___ Write a poem, story, movie or play

___ Go to your church, synagogue, temple,

or other place of worship

___ Write in your journal

___ Write a loving letter to yourself when you’re feeling good and keep it with you to read when you’re feeling upset

___ Join a group

___ Write a letter to your higher power

___ Call a family member you haven’t spoken to in a long time

___ Make a list of ten things you’re good at or like about yourself and keep it with you to read when you’re feeling upset

___ Learn a new language

___ Sing or learn how to sing

___ Draw a picture

___ Play a musical instrument or learn how to play one

___ Paint a picture with a brush or your fingers

___ Make a list of the people you admire and describe what it is you like about them

___ Write a song

___ Listen to some upbeat, happy music (start making a collection to play when you’re feeling upset)

___ Make a list of ten things you would like to do before you die

___ Write a story about the craziest or funniest thing that has ever happened to you

___ Turn on some loud music and dance

___ Memorize lines from your favorite movie, play or song

___ Write a letter to someone who has made your life better and tell them why ( you don’t have to send the letter if you don’t want to)

___ Make a movie or video

___ Take photographs

___ Create your own list of self-care activities

___ Join a public-speaking group and write a speech

___ Participate in a local theatre group

___ Sing in a local choir

___ Plant a garden

___ Work outside

___ Knit, crochet, or sew—learn how to

___ Make a scrapbook with pictures

___ Paint your nails

___ Trim your nails

___ Change your hair color

___ Take a bubble bath or shower

___ Work on your car, truck, motorcycle or bicycle