Joint Student Government Council 

Who Are We?

The Joint Student Government Council (JSGC) is the union of the two student governments on the Monroe Park and MCV Campuses. We are a student-led governing body for the Virginia Commonwealth University that works to represent the voice of all VCU students. We are especially concerned with joint matters, which consist of the desires, concerns, and ideas that affect students on both of VCU’s campuses. Our body consists of delegates from the Monroe Park Campus Student Government Association, the MCV Campus Student Government Association, the Graduate Student Association, and the Student Representatives to the Board of Visitors.

The Joint Student Government Council (JSGC) is currently overseeing the merger of the Monroe Park and MCV Campus Student Government Associations (SGAs). A vote on the merger took place on January 23-25, 2017. Between the two campuses, 1,299 students voted. On the Monroe Park Campus specifically, 504 of 677 students voted to approve the merger. On the MCV Campus, 366 of 622 students voted to approve the merger.

 In the next several weeks, both the MCV and Monroe Park Campus SGAs will hear motions to dissolve and merge into the VCU SGA on June 1, 2017. An election commission will begin overseeing elections for a President of the Student Body, a Vice President of Undergraduate Students, and a Vice President of Graduate and Professional Students. If you are interested in any of these positions or want to be further involved in the VCU SGA in another capacity, please email LaDarius Thompson, VCU’s SGA Advisor, at We anticipate the election of these officers to occur before spring break and will keep the student body informed via the current SGAs.

 Guidelines for next year’s appropriations (funding requests) for student organizations under the VCU SGA will be sent out in the next month via RamsConnect. Additional elections will be held after spring break to fill Senate seats in the Undergraduate and Graduate and Professional Student Senates. Any additional questions and concerns may be sent to the Joint Student Government Council at

A general overview of the merger can be found in the below documents:

Meetings for the JSGC are open to all students. If you wish to be placed on our email list, please contact Ava Hassas at or

Meeting Times

Mondays at 7PM:

January 23, Jackson Ward Room (Larrick Student Center, MCV Campus)

February 6, Alumni Association

February 20, Jackson Ward

March 13, Shockoe Room (Student Commons, Monroe Park Campus)

March 27, Jackson Ward

April 10, Shockoe Room

April 24, Jackson Ward



Chair: Keith Zirkle,
Vice Chair of Undergraduates: Katie Clark,
Vice Chair of Graduate and Professional Students:
Shawn Hakim,
Treasurer: Terren Clarke,
Secretary: Ava Hassas,  






Keith Zirkle

JSGC Chair

Connor Jarrendt

MCV Campus SGA President

Katie Pumphrey

School of Medicine

Giovanni Zanota

School of Pharmacy

John Fitzgerald

School of Dentistry

Carlin Tettelbach

School of Allied Health

Madison Williams

School of Nursing

Bhumi Patel

MCV At-Large

Katie Clark

MPC SGA President

Kejdi Abazi

MPC SGA Vice President

Ava Hassas

MPC SGA Secretary

Diego Aliaga

MPC SGA Senator

Carmen Price

MPC SGA Senator

Brian Smith

MPC SGA Senator

Terren Clark

MPC SGA Senator

Alan Booth

Student Representative to the Board of Visitors

Elizabeth Winslow

Student Representative to the Board of Visitors

Shawn Hakim

Graduate Student Association Representative

Ava Daneva

Graduate Student Association Representative

MaryBeth DeMarco

JSGC Treasurer



For more information or inquires, please e-mail or our chair, Keith Zirkle, at