Reuban Rodriguez, Ed.D.

Reuban Rodriguez, Ed.D.
Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Student Affairs

Dr. Rodriguez is first and foremost a resource for all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students on the Monroe Park Campus, the MCV Campus, the INOVA Campus, and the VCU Qatar Campus. Students will frequently see Dr. Rodriguez walking around campus, meeting with student leaders, and attending student events.

(804) 828-8940 Monroe Park Campus
(804) 828-0525 MCV Campus

Kendall Plageman
Kendall Plageman, M.Ed.
Assistant Dean

Kendall Plageman is the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. She serves as the primary contact for Student Affairs on the MCV campus. Kendall connects students to resources to improve academic and personal success at VCU. She partners with faculty and staff on the MCV campus to promote a safe and productive learning environment for students. Kendall also coordinates the university’s threat assessment team.

(804) 828-5893

Kyle Dailey, M.Ed.
Associate Dean

Kyle Dailey assists, advises, and advocates for students, parents, faculty and staff in order to minimize and resolve problems. He supports student success by addressing the needs of students and collaborating with university departments. Kyle chairs the Student Assistance & Support Team.

(804) 828-4041